Orim Energy B.V. is an oil trading company specialized in physical trading and blending of various oil products and more in particular cutter stocks and marine fuel oil.

Driven by new IMO standards and EU legislation for the use of ultra low sulphur fuel oils in the emission controlled area's (ECA), Orim Energy is especially focused on this new market for marine fuels with maximum 0,1% sulphur and can offer various products in that field.

Due to an experienced and specialized team with significant track-records and knowledge in the field of transport, refining, blending and trading of fuel oils, Orim Energy can offer turn-key and integrated solutions to its customers.

Main geographical focus of Orim Energy is the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), Mediterranean, Baltic, Africa and Black Sea area.

Professional supervision at all stages of our operations guarantees compliance with all international regulations and safety procedures.